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Technology has made a phenomenal impact on the game of golf in the past 20 years, and we're proud to present our patented Enlow Grips ... the grips of the 21st century.

When swinging a golf club there are two main concerns: power and control of the club, which both lead to better aim at the desired distance. While technology has improved every aspect of the game over the past 20 years our revolutionary grips, which conform to USGA rules and are used by PGA members, finally bring the impact of technology to the grips.

Featuring a radical reverse tapered design, the narrow end of our grip is at the top of the club with the wider end is at the player's fingertips, creating a more ergonomically correct golf club. The increased diameter at the fingertips increases control by conforming more closely to a resting hand shape and results in a more comfortable swing and improved head control. Our revolutionary design also reduces injuries to the hands, shoulders and wrists and adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

But we don't stop there. Our Enlow grips are heavier and more massive by design, improving performance and adding durability. By changing the mass of our grips, we are able to reduce vibration due to shock and lower the swing weight by shifting the weight to the grip end. This unique development moves the flex point of the shaft closer to the hands and adds more power to your swing. The end result is increased club head speed and straighter shots.

Just look at the benefits of our grips:

  • Added power to the swing
  • Improved control of the club
  • Fewer injuries
  • More comfortable to use
  • Less vibration due to shock
  • Lowered swing weight
  • Increased club head speed
  • Improved grip in extreme weather conditions such as rain or heat
  • Straighter shots
  • Fewer injuries to the hands, shoulders and wrists

Enlow grips help golfers hit the ball farther, stronger and straighter and benefit players at all skill levels, including men, women and youth. In fact, women rave about the comfort and ease of use of these grips.

We are so sure you will love our grips that we'll give you a one-year money back guarantee. Buy our grips, use them and if they don't meet your expectations, call us and we'll refund your money.

Enlow "Original" Grips conform with USGA Rules. [View Documentation]

THe R&A has ruled that Enlow Grips conform to the Rules of Golf. [View Documentation]

THe R&A has ruled that Enlow "Big Boy" Grips conform to the Rules of Golf. [View Documentation]

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